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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the pool heated?
Yes, we're happy to say that we installed a heat pump this year! There is an additional cost for optional pool heating. So far we've been able to keep it at around 80° (27°C) or 76° (24°C) on very cold days. It is otherwise around 55° (13°C) during the winter and is usually swimmable from late June - October.

How many showers does the house have?
There are two bathrooms in the house, but only one shower. There is also a hot shower outside in the back yard. ;)

What items is the house stocked with?
We try to keep the house stocked with enough items to make your stay comfortable without having to buy certain necessities. View a partial list here.

Does the house have air conditioning?
No, but there's usually enough of a slight breeze to make it comfortable with the windows open. There are a couple of weeks a year that it gets pretty hot, but usually most people are out in the yard that time of year anyway.

What is the neighborhood like?
The neighborhood is very quiet; not like a rowdy beach community (although with the central location, those are close to drive to!). It's safe enough to leave the windows open during the night and go for walks any time of day or night.

Freeway onramps are close as well as are major streets with grocery stores, department stores, etc.

Is there much noise from the freeway?
The house is about 150 feet up a hill from the freeway and the yard has a 6-foot stone wall around it that buffers the traffic noise quite a bit. Yes, there is some noise but so far none of our guests have had any issue with it whatsoever.

How close is the house to Qualcomm Stadium?
It's only a 4 mile drive to Qualcomm from the house making it an easy drive or taxi ride to a football game!

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