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A Few Things About the House
All renters and their guests must follow the general Rental Rules and those outlined below.
Thank you! We appreciate you taking good care of our house. :)


The switches for the waterfall and pool lights are located by the sink in the poolside bar.

The pool is cleaned weekly (at least).


Please make sure waterfall & lights are off and pool toys are returned to bin when not in use.

Please do not use glass near the pool. Plastic drinkware has been provided and is in the kitchen.

This is not only a safety issue but the construction of the waterfall is not meant to hold that kind of weight and could crumble.

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Hot Tub

The hot tub is maintained before your stay is ready to use upon your arrival (fully heated by 6pm)

The hot tub breaker is on the corner of the house near the hot tub labeled Emergency Shut-Off Switch.

The cover folds back then lifts up toward the back on hydraulics.


Please cover & turn off jets when not in use!

A hot tub is not a swimming pool and it has additional dangers posed by its design and intent. Entrapment, injury or a rise in body temperature can all happen when children are allowed to "play" in hot tubs. No splashing or vigorous play of any kind is allowed when in the hot tub.


Under no circumstances are you to add chemicals to the pool or hot tub, use the pool vacuum, or administer any sort of self-repair.

If anything appears broken or needs attention, please contact us immediately and we’ll be happy to come by and take care of it.

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Barbecue Gas Grill

Turn the propane on/off at the tank to avoid the regulator shutting down the grill entirely.


Please clean the grill after every use. There are brushes to left of the grill. Other grilling tools can be found under the pantry in the kitchen.

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Fire Pit

The control to light the fire pit is a handle on the house (rear exterior of garage).

It is best to have two people to light the fire pit to avoid a buildup of gas before lighting. One person turns the gas on while the other holds the lighter near the metal fire ring (like lighting a gas stove by hand).



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Poolside Bar

The switches for the yard/bar lighting, waterfall, and pool lights are located by the sink.

The outdoor stereo receiver is located in the cabinet below and to the right of the sink.

The “lantern” speaker is a Bluetooth / aux speaker to use with your smartphone. Either connect with the auxiliary cable, or hold the pairing button for 3 seconds to pair with your device. The code is 0000.

Bar misters are controlled by the red handle under the sink.


Please make sure lights, music and water are off when not in use.

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Fish / Koi Pond

The koi fish would love it if you would feed them a handful of food each day but it is your choice.


Do not put anything in the pond other than designated koi food, which is in a marked container in the kitchen.

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The switch for the yard lighting is located by the sink in the poolside bar.

Rope lights are turned on by a switch in the dining room by the sliding glass door.

Tiki torches (most of them anyway) are filled and ready to use.

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Boat (Covered) Parking

Please call and we will unlock the gate for you.

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TVs / Stereo

Our TVs are set up with Roku and/or Smart TV including paid subscriptions for Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Netflix and many more stations such as WatchESPN and Disney.
The TV antenna is used for Over the Air live TV for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, KUSI.

Living room:
     The Samsung remote is for TV power and to turn source to DVD (AV1), Roku (HDMI), or live TV (TV).
     The small grey remote is for the soundbard/volume.
     The Sony DVD remote is for DVD functions.
     The Roku remote is for all of your on-demand and other streaming channels.

     The soundbar has a delay when turning on the TV, so don’t crank the volume. ;)
     To play music via Bluetooth, use the menu functions on the remote to pair with your device.

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The laptop computer will automatically connect to the internet when it boots up.

For WiFi: connect to SanDiegoDreamin’ and use the password “vacation”.

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Please feel free to use to any spices, condiments, etc. in the kitchen. They have been left for your convenience.

The spice drawer is inside the big drawer under the pantry.

There are 2 trash bins (slide out cabinet to the right of the sink). One for recycling, one for regular garbage.

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Whole House Fan

There is a ceiling fan in the hallway that acts to cool the house during the summer, remove cooking odor, or just generally circulate air.

To use, it, close all the windows and doors in the house and only open a couple windows just a few inches where you would like the air to flow from. Turn the unit to High or Low and select how many hours to have it run. Viola!

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San Diego has mandatory recycling. Please put all recyclables in one trash can, and regular garbage in the other. The large blue trash bin outside is for recycling, the black for regular garbage. You should recycle all paper, cans, glass, plastic.

Dave will come by to put the bins out for trash day. (Tues night / Wed morning)

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The washer/dryer are located in the garage.
Be aware that they are super energy saving, so it takes longer than usual to do a load of laundry.

Feel free to use the coolers, beach chairs, fans. and baby gear.

Open the garage door by using the white button just inside the front door.

We do store some of our personal items up in the rafters.

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If many people are taking showers, you might want to space showers out to avoid water buildup in the bottom of the shower. The house has older plumbing and the pipes are somewhat small

In the shower, the two knobs that might seem to be hot/cold are to turn on the body sprayers (disabled) and showerhead. The temperature is the bottom knob.

The shower takes a while to heat up.

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There are maps, a tour book, a flashlight, and an Entertainment coupon book in the kitchen drawer. Feel free to use them but please return them for the next guests.

The gardener comes every other Monday, usually around noon. He will let himself in the back yard.

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For Your Safety

There is a fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink.

There is a first aid kit in the hall closet.

There is a flashlight in the kitchen drawer by the sink.

The circuit breaker (emergency shutoff) for the hot tub is in the bottom most breaker box at the end of the patio and is marked with a sign.

The house is equipped with smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide detector.


Please keep children supervised at all times in the back yard.

Please keep outdoor gates closed.

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